Plex-Eco City
Mixed-Use Project. San José, Costa Rica
The rapid growth of the population has made our cities spread towards protected areas. Towers and high-rise construction is not usual in Costa Rica, but there is no other choice to contain the urban spawn. This project is meant to visualize a global city for 2030 in Costa Rica. The area, mainly rural for the past century, is now flooded with suburbs, work centers and industries without following any urban plan. High dependency on cars and lack of any decent public transportation creates long, slow traffic all day long. The project wants to create a sustainable environment and a transition to vertical and high-density developments.
Plex Eco City is a high-density mix use complex in which the typical towers are transformed into strips that resemble the surrounding mountains in their cross-section. The void strips become vertical hydroponic farms for intern consumption and thermic regulation while the solid strips are filled with offices, commercial units and apartments. Solar panels and rainwater harvesting help reduce the impact of the building on the site. All new trees and plants are native from the area and those existent are left untouched.
The common areas include a movie theater, libraries, various restaurants, clubs and sports bars, pool area, a basketball court, markets and a kart-racing track. Parking spaces are built underground. Having mixed activities in a relatively small area helps reduce vehicle use and CO2 production.
BRIEF: commercial units, 
library and cinema
, sports facilities, 
medical services, 
, offices
, arts gallery, 
restaurants, cafeterias, clubs, bars, supermarket, 
pool, and common areas.
Instructor: Arq. Carlos Álvarez
ULCR // May - August 2011 
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