Moln Struktur
Design Development
Instead of generating the typical set of design development drawings for a standard building, this project explores innovating methods of representation, such as the 3d chunks, peeling, and boolean cuts to show the construction logic and materiality in a revolutionary design.
The project selected was designed in the 2GAX studio and required custom systems and materials to achieve the desired architectural effects. The main and secondary structures are proposed in structural steel framing systems with concrete cores. The facade materials vary depending on the area. The main facade is composed of cast acrylic and metal to achieve multiple layers of transparency, color- ation and difraction. Additionally, the area surrounding the auditorium consists of GFRP to produce a monolithic, cloud-like effect.
Instructors: Herwig Baumgartner and Tom Wiscombe
Project: Emerson College Location: Los Angeles, CA Original Design: Adrian Cortez and Rachael McCall
Team: Garet Ammerman, Rachael McCall, Asli Tusavul, Mimmi Van der Vliet 
SCI-Arc // Fall 2014
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