LT Center
School and Library. San José, Costa Rica
The main purpose of this building is to develop creative capacity in the students, make them search different solutions for one situation. It pretends to recognize individuality, understanding that there are various ways of learning, while at the same time encouraging cooperation and solidarity as members of a society. Spaces are flexible for individual work or group work according to the necessities. Classrooms adapt to different subjects and activities.
Groups are arranged by ages as any regular educational system but also groups may get mixed by blocks (ranges of 2-3 years) according to their affinities so kids with similar interests, and not only arranged by age, can be together in certain specialized learning activities.
Besides the private school, with restricted access, there are plenty public areas including the library, plaza, commercial units, gallery, and a restaurant. Some of the green areas, including roofs, are open to public as well, so people can do exercise and park their bikes in a secure area.
BRIEF: 1 kindergarten, 1 school,
1 high-school, 1 art gallery, 1 coffee place,
5 commercial units, parking spaces, green areas
Building footprint: 2200 m2
Building footprint + parking area: 3600 m2
Terrain: 8100 m2
Total constructed area: 8550 m2
Land: $ 8 100 000
Construction: $6 080 000
Indirect expenses: $ 1520 000
Payback period: 2 years
Professor: Arq. Luis Diego Barahona
ULCR // January-April 2011 
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