Care Village
Senior Center. Moravia, Costa Rica
Instead of designing separate blocks for each function, everything is integrated in a 5 story building in which levels can be reached from different places. The design adapts to the steep topography without constricting accessibility for its users. Activities and spaces are open and active or protected and passive according to their needs. They can choose their favorite activities without disturbance of others. The same happens with the common areas, some are family friendly, and others are not.
The common areas are for residents and also for elder neighbors who live nearby. The auditorium is there not only so they can make annual shows but also so they can share experiences to the community and receive lectures about topics of interest.
BRIEF: 1 library and computer lab, 1 ballroom
, 1 gym (aqua therapy, pool, yoga, etc.), 1 auditorium, 2 food areas (1 private, 1 for family)
reception, maintenance, administrative, and security areas 3 restaurants
1 radio station
5 classrooms
5 medical offices and 1 nursery
Rooms (1-2 beds)
Instructor: Arq. Alfonso Masis
ULCR // August-December 2010 
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