Aliquid Novi
Mixed-Use Complex. Guadalupe, Costa Rica
The 16-storey building consists of commercial units and common areas in the first four levels and apartments distributed in two towers in the remaining floors. Each floor had a maximum of 8 apartments and 4 lofts. Facades respond to the solar radiation, with double skins in spots with maximum ex- position. All common areas and apartments are naturally ventilated reducing energy consumption and CO2 emissions.
The prices of the apartments vary from $70 000 to $180 000 making them accessible to the 80% of the local population. The master plan and mixed-use buildings would boost a deteriorated urban area.
: apartments and lofts (1,2,3 bedrooms), commercial units
Land= 5093 m2

Total constructed area= 13246 m2
Building footprint= 1281m2
Public areas exteriors= 2240m2
Public areas interiors= 3458 m2
Instructor: Msc. Arq. Walter Hidalgo
Team: Mauricio Naranjo - Kimberly Yurica
ULCR // May-August 2010 
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